Swing Catalyst : Golf Swing Analysis System

Whether you practice on your own or with a coach, Swing Catalyst provides a range of tools to efficiently improve your swing and help you to play better golf. Swing Catalyst software packages have been praised by instructors around the world for their user friendliness. Swing Catalyst also integrates ball flight- and club data from the most popular launch monitors seamlessly with the video images, and includes mobile apps to let you record your golf swings, and access them at any time, from anywhere. In the Swing Catalyst video analysis software your instructor is also able to record a video lesson that includes comments, drawings and drills which is instantly sent back to you. Swing Catalyst's Balance Plate and 3D Motion Plate add another important dimension to golf instruction, giving the instructor a better understanding of the golf swing, ranging from weight shifting patterns and balance down to details of foot pressure distributions, all perfectly synchronized with the video images as well as with data from the most popular launch monitors.

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